Art & Wine @…The Capitola Art & Wine Festival

Well if you like art, and wine, then this is the time to be in the Capitola Village. This event usually runs early in September, but check the Capitola Chamber Of Commerce schedule to be sure. Follow this link for reviews of this festival on yelp, there seems to be many mixed reviews. Anyhow, I always seem to have a lot of fun when I go!

Here’s info about the art and wine festival:

The Capitola Art & Wine Festival is once again being held in this charming seaside village. With a population of just under 10,000 people,this event brings out the locals who volunteer in force. Capitola is a friendly and laid back community and this is the definition of a community event. All pitch in and make it a fun weekend in the sun at the beach. Capitola has been a draw for people coming to the beach for over 150 years and many who come eventually end up buying a home in Capitola The Capitola real estate market has some great opportunities for those who wish to call it home.One thing to remember is that this is a charitable event, so the wine pours conform with BATF regulations. This is a great way to taste some of the fine local wines. As this is done at the beach and cars are restrictd, figure to use the shuttle. Be sure to prepare for coastal weather, a sweatshirt or jacket and a bikini or shorts:)

The Capitola Art & Wine Festival is held on September 12th and 13th in 2009 and runs from 10AM until 6 PM. There is music through out the day, good food, plenty of local wines and great art from local Santa Cruz County artists. This community event raises funds for our kids and seniors, arts and music programs among many other things it supports. It is truly a community event with all of us unpaid volunteers bringing cheer and good times to many at the beach.For more information, contact the Capitola Chamber of Commerce at 831-475-6522 if you want to volunteer.

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The Capitola Begonia Festival Brings Beautiful Floats To The Esplanade

Every year during the first week of September, the annual Begonia festival in Capitola is held. This event is a blast, and great for the whole family. More information about the festival can be found @

begonia festival

begonia festival

Here’s the history of the Capitola Begonia festival:

The homespun Capitola Begonia Festival has its roots in the moist, cool coastal climate of Santa Cruz County, California, which is eminently hospitable to the tuberous begonia. Major begonia growers were located in Capitola and Santa Cruz in the mid-20th Century, and a festival in late summer–when the begonias are in spectacular bloom–was a natural way to extend the late-summer coastal tourist season.
The ‘Pacific Begonia’, as it is known, was hybridized in Capitola. At the turn of the Century, the Brown family immigrated to Capitola. They tried for years to develop some sort of sustainable agriculture to assure their survival in this sparsely populated, primarily tourist area called ‘Camp Capitol’. Obtaining Begonia bulbs from Germany, who bragged of ‘the best flowers’, and Begonia tubers from Belgium, who claimed ‘the strongest tubers’, the Browns cross-bred the 2 varieties, and developed the Pacific Begonia. From the 1930’s to the 1970’s, approx 90% of the worlds Begonias came from the Brown Bulb Ranch in Capitola.
Peggy Matthews was a local resident who taught swimming. She staged the Capitola Water Follies every fall, to showcase her swimmers. Peggy couldn’t help but notice all the Begonia flowers going to waste on the Brown Bulb Ranch (where the Capitola Mall is today). Of course, she was not aware that the growers had no interest whatsoever in the flowers; they were propagating bulbs. The death of the flowers signified that it was time to dig up the bulbs and send them to market. Begonia’s are not a ‘cut flower’.
So, in 1951, Peggy was given permission to pick as many flowers as she wanted. That year the Capitola Water Follies featured paddleboards decorated with Begonias, and that is basically how the Begonia Festival got its start. The next year was the first year of actual ‘floats’, and even though the real “Capitol Begonia Festival’ was not official until 1954, we have always used 1952 as the starting date. Today, the Begonia fields are in Marina, which is Monterey County, and the Golden State Bulb Growers Association maintains a very large area of many types of bulbs. There are 43 acres dedicated to Begonias, over 3 million blooms, come late summer. A spectacular sight!!!

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Newest Restaurant Addition To Capitola Village

The Capitola Esplanade is proud to welcome the hottest restaurant edition to the village – My Thai Beach. The restaurant serves delicious thai food cuisine overlooking the beautiful beaches of Capitola. Prices are quite inexpensive as well – especially compared to all of the other restaurants in Capitola.

My Thai Beach Restaurant Capitola Facebook Fan Page

My Thai Beach Restaurant

My Thai Beach Restaurant From The Inside

Here are some reviews of My Thai Beach:

this place great! normally i dont go to the village unless im going out for overpriced drinks, which is sad because their are such beautiful views. but this fairly new restaurant is actually very reasonable with their prices, and the food is delicious. if you havent checked it out, i recommend going their asap!

Jonathan P.
Santa Cruz, CA

Best Thai food in Santa Cruz hands down and I’ve tried many places.  The food is amazing and really fresh.  The staff is super friendly and accommodating as well.  The prices are great especially for Capitola.  Go!

Kat W.
Santa Cruz, CA

The food and service were fantastic and so were the prices.  This restaurant is a must if you like Thai food.

Debbie I.
Capitola, CA

Wow! And here I thought I did not like Thai food. Well, I love it now, at least at My Thai Beach. Last night, I took group of 15 for a staff appreciation dinner. We choose dishes we could share and this provided a varied sampling of the menu for all including the vegetarians in our group. Each dish was artfully presented, the ingredients local and fresh, the taste and blend of texture superb. We had lamb, bbq beef, salmon fillets, delightful tempura style appetizers, and intriguing Thai soups. The view, well you are an arms length away from the Capitola lagoon and mere steps from the surf. The decor is upscale casual, and anyone will feel comfortable here. The wait staff are professional and personable. And the chef? Hey, I dare you to find better at this particular cuisine on the Monterey Bay. Oh, and the pricing is modest. I’m looking forward to lunches and dinners here in the coming winter months. Get in now before the tourist come back!!!!

Jay K.
Santa Cruz, CA

Great location. We just ate here yesterday and really enjoyed it. The Green Curry was delicious and so was the Pad Thai. Try to get a window table because it makes the experience that much better. We will go back and are glad to have finally found a decent spot for a good price close to home.

Matt V.
Watsonville, CA

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Capitola Theater Says Goodbye To The Esplanade

A favorite of mine – the old Capitola theater located along the esplanade by the Capitola restaurants, was demolished on Tuesday, May 25 2010.

My Memories Of The Old Capitola Theater

This theater brings me back so many happy memories of my childhood. I remember going to Capitola Beach in the summertime, playing at the beach, eating at the local Capitola restaurants and then going to see a movie after. I remember the theater having a lot of very good underground, independent films that were hard to find at other mainstream theaters. Not only was it a cool movie theater, it was also sort of a historic landmark in the town of Capitola.

What Other People Are Saying

“They were supposed to be here in December and it’s May,” said Bill Garcia, 40, owner of Taqueria Baja, one of the capitola restaurant businesses worrying that demolition will create an eyesore a week before Memorial Day, when tourists pour into the village.

“It’s been hard times down here for three years because of the economy,” he said.

Others weren’t so happy about the removal of the Capitola theater.

“It will be missed,” said Gene Masciotti of Capitola. “It’s a landmark.”

In The Future

The project is supossed to take 8-10 days to complete, which includes putting in a temporary parking lot. Jesse Nickell of Barry Swenson Builder, which owns the property, is trying to finalize a proposal to build a hotel at the location that once was the historic Capitola theater. While the Capitola restaurant businesses and bars like the idea of a hotel along the Capitola Esplanade, there is much controversy and argument with this idea.

I’m not sure how I feel about all of this. Yes the theater is historic. Yes I have a lot of fond memories in this theater. But was it restorable? I don’t think so. The theater was really old, and was kind of a dump. I know how hard all of the Capitola restaurants and bars have had it lately, and that they need all the help financially that they can get. So maybe this isn’t so bad after all, maybe a hotel along the Capitola Esplanade is what Capitola needs. Only time will tell.

Capitola Theater Links

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