Capitola Theater Says Goodbye To The Esplanade

A favorite of mine – the old Capitola theater located along the esplanade by the Capitola restaurants, was demolished on Tuesday, May 25 2010.

My Memories Of The Old Capitola Theater

This theater brings me back so many happy memories of my childhood. I remember going to Capitola Beach in the summertime, playing at the beach, eating at the local Capitola restaurants and then going to see a movie after. I remember the theater having a lot of very good underground, independent films that were hard to find at other mainstream theaters. Not only was it a cool movie theater, it was also sort of a historic landmark in the town of Capitola.

What Other People Are Saying

“They were supposed to be here in December and it’s May,” said Bill Garcia, 40, owner of Taqueria Baja, one of the capitola restaurant businesses worrying that demolition will create an eyesore a week before Memorial Day, when tourists pour into the village.

“It’s been hard times down here for three years because of the economy,” he said.

Others weren’t so happy about the removal of the Capitola theater.

“It will be missed,” said Gene Masciotti of Capitola. “It’s a landmark.”

In The Future

The project is supossed to take 8-10 days to complete, which includes putting in a temporary parking lot. Jesse Nickell of Barry Swenson Builder, which owns the property, is trying to finalize a proposal to build a hotel at the location that once was the historic Capitola theater. While the Capitola restaurant businesses and bars like the idea of a hotel along the Capitola Esplanade, there is much controversy and argument with this idea.

I’m not sure how I feel about all of this. Yes the theater is historic. Yes I have a lot of fond memories in this theater. But was it restorable? I don’t think so. The theater was really old, and was kind of a dump. I know how hard all of the Capitola restaurants and bars have had it lately, and that they need all the help financially that they can get. So maybe this isn’t so bad after all, maybe a hotel along the Capitola Esplanade is what Capitola needs. Only time will tell.

Capitola Theater Links

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